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PIC SOLUTION is a company specialized in Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC).
With more than 13 years of experience and expertise, in equipment design and laboratory
applications, our know-how caters perfectly to the need of separation laboratories where the
goal is to obtain highly pure molecules.
The multiple patents that we filed in the last few years are a testimony of our commitment to the
improvement of this technology with a dynamic approach to Research and Development.

High Performance
Purity higher than 99% with high recovery yield (>95%)
Highly concentrated purifi ed samples.
Time Saving
Fast separation, typically in less than 5 min.
Cost Reduction
CO2 is less expensive than solvents used in liquid chromatography
On-line recycling of CO2 in the process.
Safe and Environmentally Friendly Process
CO2 is non toxic and non fl ammable compared to typical organic liquid solvents (hexane, heptane,
chlorinated solvents…).
Chiral Separations
SFC, a technology of choice for enantiomeric resolution.

Based on our solid experience in preparative chromatography, we offer solutions ‘’tailored’’
to your specific needs in order to make your every day purification tasks easier.
Our expertise and the quality of our equipment gained market recognition among the top
pharmaceutical and fine chemical companies.


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