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Process principle

A supercritical fluid has physical properties (high density and solubility, low viscosity, and high diffusivity) making its use interesting in chromatography. Among the different avaible fluids , CO2 emerges as the fluid of choice for SPC for the following reasons :

Critical point easily reachable (Tc=31°C ; Pc=74 bars).
Fast sepapration time (typically less than5 min): the low viscosity of supercritical CO2 allows high elution flow rates.
High plates' number and more resolution power thanks to to the transport properties of supercritical CO2.
Easy recovery of purified highly concentrated samples.
• Supercritical CO2 exhibits a good solvent power. It is cheap, non-flammable and non-toxic..
CO2 is transparent in UV and IR.

Witch applications in chromatography with supercritical CO2 ?

• Enantio-separation on chiral stationary phases.
• Purification on achiral phases of molecules such as steroides, fatty acids, tocopherols, benzodiazepines, alkaloids, etc...

Depending on compound polarity, addition of polar co-solvaent (typically alcohol up to25 %) to CO2 is needed.



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